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    How to Choose the white or black thong bikini


    Sexy two piece bikini swimsuit featuring a cropped swim top with detachable cups, mesh panel, adjustable shoulder straps, elastic band around under bust, pairing with a high leg thong bikini bottom with skimpy coverage.


    Sexy two piece thong bikini swimsuit featuring a underwire swim top with padded cups, adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps, tied straps on the back, pairing with a high cut thong bottom in skimpy fit.

    Sport two piece bikini swimsuit features a cami swim top in cropped length, spaghetti shoulder straps, matching with a bikini thong bottom with elastic strings both side. Allover in solid color.

    Sexy but chic two piece bikini swimsuit featuring a strapless swim top with padded cups, lace up straps on the front, matching with a bikini thong bottom in cheeky coverage and elastic string each side. Ribbed fabrication in solid color.
    Hot and sexy two piece white thong bikini set featuring a sliding triangle swim top with removable cups, adjustable straps tied on the neck and back, matching with a thong bikini bottom with elastic strings on each side. Metallic holes is unique for this sexy set. Allover in solid color.


    Sexy two piece bikini sets featuring a triangle bikini top with cups padding, adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps, banded under bust and a slid closure back, a pair of string bikini thong bottom in cheeky fit, allover in solid color.

    swim week 2019

    Swim Week,Trends Bikini in 2019

    Along with powerful sunblock, tiny or embellished shades (depending on what’s in this time next year), a good book and an outsize straw hat, confidence will be a necessary accessory next summer. According to the designers at Miami Swim Week 2019, showing a lot of skin is once again in, this time from top to bottom. So better have a waxing professional on speed dial if you’re going to try next year’s top swimwear trends.

    We’re talking plunging one-pieces more revealing than bikinis and bikini bottoms that are so tiny, they’re almost nonexistent. On the flip side, rash guard-style suits were in great supply, though they’re not exactly designed to keep you safe from scratches, scrapes and the sun while you ride the waves. And if you love extra accents, no matter how unnecessary or cumbersome, 2019’s swimwear trends will have you covered.



    Swimsuits for Larger Busts

    Swimsuits for Larger Busts

    If you’re a girl who is blessed with a larger chest, you’ll realize at some point that no matter how tight you tie the straps on that triangle bikini top, they are never, ever going to provide you with adequate support. It doesn’t matter if you tie them so tight you can barely breathe, those little straps can only do so much. Besides, you (and your chest) are better off finding a swimsuit that actually fits. When your bathing suit doesn’t fit, it’s annoying at best. At its worst, an unsupportive swimsuit is embarrassing. (Read: Dive at your own risk.)

    You’re not going to have fun at the pool or beach when you are constantly adjusting your bikini top. Do yourself a favor and take the time to get a proper-fitting swimsuit the same way you do with your bras. Thankfully, there are cute and supportive swimsuits for big busts, just like there are pretty and supportive bras. Shop some of our favorite swimwear picks above.


    38 One-Piece Swimsuits That Are Way Cuter Than Your Bikini

    For many years, bikinis were pretty much considered the only option for those looking for a trendy, sexy swimsuit, while the one-piece had a reputation for being a bit basic, best left for serious swim sessions. Not anymore. A quick scroll through Instagram will show that sexy one-pieces are trending. In fact, it’s bikinis that are being pushed aside this summer...

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